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來源:四年級 時間:2018-06-14 點擊: 推薦訪問:



 42.They were good friends.(一般疑問句)

  43.Did you learn the music?(否定句)

  44.He goes to school by bus.(否定句)

  45.My mother bought a new clothes.(一般疑問句)

  46.They walked in the street.(就畫線部分提問)

  47.He saw a film yesterday evening.(否定句)

  48.They bought a cake for me.(同義句)

  49.They walked to school.(同上)

  50.He looks like his father.(改為過去時態)

  51.We went swimming.(否定句)

  52.My mum bought me a birthday cake.(同義句)

  53.He learns to skate on the ice.(一般疑問句)

  54.Was the school trip very good? (肯定回答)

  55.They saw lots of mountains.(同義句)

  56.We usually swim on Saturday evening. (同上) .We usually _____ _____ on Saturday evening.

  57.Li Xiaoming ate apples during the meal.(一般疑問句)

  58.They wore some warm clothes.(就畫線部分提問)

  59.We have a lovely day.(同義句) We have a ____________ day.

  60.We enjoyed ourselves yesterday. (同上) We ______ ________ ________ _________ yesterday.

  61.She usually learn English and Maths. (否定句)

  62.They walk to school every day.(用yesterday改寫)

  63.Mrs Betty phoned my grandma yesterday evening.(否定句)

  64.She"s playing with her little dog.(就畫線部分提問)

  65.He loves computer games too.(一般疑問句)

  66.Father bought me a funny dog.(同義句)

  67.You have got a lot of money in your pocket.(同義句)

  68.My mother often washes the clothes.(同義句)

  69.He"s from England.(同義句)

  70.Amy was a good student.(否定句)

  71.An American man invented bicycle.(變否定句)

  72.An American man didn"t invent telephone. (變肯定句)

  73.Chinese people invented paper.(就畫線部分提問)

  74.I went out.(變成否定句)

  75.I saw tigers.(變成一般疑問句并作否定回答)
  76.They went to London.(就畫線部分提問)

  77.Yesterday Daming went swimming. (就畫線部分提問)

  78.I fell over. (變成一般疑問句并作肯定回答)

  77.She cut her finger.(變否定句)

  78.I bumped my leg. (就畫線部分提問)

  79.He goes to the zoo. (改成含有last Sunday的句子)

  80.We bough




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