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來源:高一 時間:2018-06-25 點擊: 推薦訪問:人教版高一英語必修二



1.必修四Unit1A STUDENT OF AFRICAN WILDLIFE 非洲野生動物研究者 It is 5:45 am and the sun is just rising over Gombe National Park in East Africa. 清晨5點45分,太陽剛從東非的貢貝國家公園的上空升起, Following Jane"s way of studying chimps, our group are all going to visit them in the forest. 我們一行人準備按照簡研究黑猩猩的方法去森林里拜訪它們。 Jane has studied these families of chimps for many years and helped people understand how much they behave like humans. 簡研究這些黑猩猩家族已經很多年了,她幫助人們了解黑猩猩跟人類的行為是多么的相似。Watching a family of chimps wake up is our first activity of the day. 我們當天的首項任務就是觀察黑猩猩一家是如何醒來的。This means going back to the place where we left the family sleeping in a tree the night before. 這意味著我們要返回前一天晚上我們離開黑猩猩一家睡覺的大樹旁。Everybody sits and waits in the shade of the trees while the family begins to wake up and move off. 大家坐在樹蔭下等待著,這時候猩猩們睡醒了,準備離開。 Then we follow as they wander into the forest. 然后這群黑猩猩向森林深處漫步而去,我們尾隨其后。Most of the time, chimps either feed or clean each other as a way of showing love in their family. 在大部分時間里,黑猩猩或相互喂食,或彼此擦身,這在它們的家庭里是表示愛的方式。 Jane warns us that our group is going to be very tired and dirty by the afternoon and she is right. 簡預先提醒我們,到下午的時候我們就會又臟又累。她說對了。However, the evening makes it all worthwhile. 不過到傍晚時分我們覺得這一切都是值得的。 We watch the mother chimp and her babies play in the tree. Then we see them go to sleep together in their nest for the night. 我們看到黑猩猩媽媽跟她的幼子們在樹上玩耍,后來看見它們晚上一起回窩里睡覺了。We realize that the bond between members of a chimp family is as strong as in a human family. 我明白了猩猩家庭成員之間的聯系像人類家庭一樣緊密。 Nobody before Jane fully understood chimp behaviour. 在簡之前沒有人完全了解黑猩猩的行為。 She spent years observing and recording their daily activities. 她花了多年的時間來觀察并記錄黑猩猩的日常生活。 Since her childhood she had wanted to work with animals in their own environment. 從孩童時代起,簡就想在動物生活的環境中研究它們。However, this was not easy. 但是,這不是一件簡單的事。When she first arrived in Gombe in 1960, it was unusual for a woman to live in the forest. 當她1960年最初來到貢貝時,對女性來說,住進大森林還是很稀罕的事情。Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begi


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