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小學英語課件:Who is taller

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Unit 2 Who is taller?

  Lesson 7 A. Listen and write down their names.

  Boy: Look at this photo. They are Li Ding and Zheng Jun.

  Girl: Is this Li Ding?

  Boy: No, that"s Zheng Jun. He"s taller than Li Ding. He likes to play football. Li Ding likes to play basketball.

  Girl: Are those two girls twins?

  Boy: Yes. They are Jane and Jill.

  Girl: Who is shorter?

  Boy: Jane is shorter than Jill. Jill"s bag is newer than Jane"s.

  Girl: Are they Ted and Jack?

  Lesson 8 A. Listen and tick.

  Mom: Hi, Sandy. Come and look at my daughters" photos.

  Sandy: Oh, two beautiful girls. They are dancing. Betty dances better than Jane.

  Mom: Yes. They also like running.

  Sandy: Who runs faster"?

  Mom: Betty runs faster than Jane. Here is the photo.

  Mom: Look at this one. They are studying.

  Sandy: Who studies harder?

  Mom: Jane studies harder than Betty.

  Sandy: Yes. Oh, they are swimming in this photo, and Jane swims faster than Betty.

  Mom: Look at this one. They are singing, and Betty sings better than Jane.

  Sandy: What are they doing in that photo?

  Mom: They are drawing. Look, Jane draws better than Betty.

  Lesson 12 A. Listen and tick.

  Dialogue 1

  A: Is that Tommy?

  B: No, that"s Max. Tommy is shorter than Max. His hair is shorter than Max"s hair.

  Dialogue 2

  A: Is that Jane?

  B: No, that"s Helen. She is quieter than Jane. Jane is taller than her.

  Dialogue 3

  A: Mike and Mark are twins. They are my classmates.

  B: Oh, that"s interesting. Who is taller?

  A: Mark is taller than Mike.

  B: What"s their hobby?

  A: They like singing very much.

  B: Who sings better?

  A: Mark sings better than Mike.


  1. Look, listen and write the numbers.

  Tom and Peter are my classmates. Tom is older than Peter, b



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