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關于火鍋的高中英語作文:我愛吃火鍋 I Like Hotpot

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Every time when I go out with my friends for food, I will think about hotpot first. Hotpot is my favorite food, I like the heat and the spicy taste. People always eat hotpot in winter, but for me, I will have it whenever I want. The reason why I like hotpot so much goes back when I was sick at the age of 8. At that time, I did not feel like eating anything, when I saw food, I wanted to spit. My parents worried about me so much. One day, when I walked on the street, I smelt the flavor, suddenly, I wanted to eat, I felt so hungry. I walked into the shop, people were eating the hotpot. My parents ordered the food for me, I ate a lot. Since then, I have the appetite. Hotpot becomes my favorite food.




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