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來源:高中作文 時間:2018-06-25 點擊: 推薦訪問:介紹中國美食英語作文



  In south China,the favorite and most typical dishes were nian gao,sweet steamed glutinous rice(糯米)pudding and zong zi (glutinous rice wrapped up in reed(蘆葦)leaves),another popular delicacy.
  In the north,steamed-wheat bread (man tou) and small meat dumplings were the preferred food.
  The tremendous amount of food prepared at this time was meant to symbolize abundance and wealth for the household
  Jiaozi(chinese Dumpling) is a traditional chinese food ,which is essention during holidays in nor thern china.Chinese dumpling becomes one of the most widely love food in china.
  Chinese dumpling is one of the most important foods in chinese new year.Since the shape of chinese dumpling is similar to ancient chinese gold or silier ingots ,they symbolize wealth .Traditional,th e members of a family get togeter to make dumplings during the New Year"s Eve.They may hide a coin in one of the dumplings. The person who finds the coin will likely have a good fortune in the New Year.Chinese dumpling is also popular in other chinese holidays or festivals,so it is part of the chinese culture or traditional.
  Chinese dumpling is a delicious food.You can make avariety of chinese dumplings using different filling based on your taste and how various ingredients mixed together by you .
  Making dumpling is really teamwork .Usually all family members will join the work .Some people starte to make dupling when they were kids in the family ,so most chinese know how to make dumpling .
  Many foreigners are found of dumpling and interested in making dumpling. They are very glad to join the work .



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