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My hobby英語作文60詞(篇1)

My hobby is playing football. It is very interesting. Many people like to play it. It can make me healthy and strong. I often play it after class in my school. I often play it with my classmates. I can play it everywhere. But I think it is dangerous to play in streets. Because there are many cars and buses in streets.

My hobby英語作文60詞(篇2)

Everyone has his or her hobbies. My hobby is collecting stamps. I collect all kinds of stamps, mostly Chinese stamps. I started collecting stamps when I was in my elementary school. I enjoy collecting stamps because I can learn many things from these stamps. I hope my stamp collection will grow slowly to include foreign stamps. I plan to have many pen pals and exchange letters with them, so I can collect more stamps from letters.

My hobby英語作文60詞(篇3)

Dear Tom,

How are you ?

I would like to introduce my hobbies to you .

I like dancing very much.I always dance with my firends when I have nothing to do. Dance can help me keep fit and it is helpful for us to be happy.

Sometimes I dance one two hours with my friends. Though I feels very tired after dacing ,I am very heppy .

What is your hobby ?

I hope to receive your earliest reply.

My hobby英語作文60詞(篇4)

My hobby is reading. I love reading books. And this hobby helps me a lot. For example, I can learn how to cook by reading a cook book. So I can treat myself when I am too tired to continue working. I can also learn how to improve my writing skills by reading beautiful articles written by famous writers as BingXin and so on. When I feel upset, I will try some inspiring stories to cheer myself up. When I feel myself lazy, I can read several fables to find out what will happen if I don"t work hard. When I feel boring, I may find the amazing palace by travelling with the author of the detective stories. Reading is my love. I believe people without books, will be like fishes without water.



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