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來源:寫作翻譯 時間:2018-06-20 點擊: 推薦訪問:英語學術論文寫作范文



In recent years, the problem of academic fraud has become increasingly serious on university campuses and more and more people voice growing concern over it.

Such a phenomenon has brought many unfavorable consequences. To begin with, there is no doubt that it has blocked the country"s scientific development. Second, the confession of some reputable professors that they have plagiarized others? works seriously undermines the public trust in intellectual integrity. Last but not least, scholars lacking in professional integrity exert a bad influence on young students, who followed the trend instead of pursuing innovation.

It is more than necessary that all the relevant departments join in the efforts to fight against this notorious phenomenon. As to the administrations concerned, it is high time for them to take effective measures to curb the misconduct and encourage creativity in academic field. More over, it is crucial for the government to oversee the work of researchers. Only when every member of the society realizes the harm brought by academic dishonesty can we put an end to the abominable practice.

近年來,學術造假的問題日益嚴重,在大學校園里,越來越多的人對它越來越關注。 這種現象帶來了許多不利的后果。首先,毫無疑問,它阻礙了國家的科學發展。其次,一些頗有聲望的教授剽竊他人的作品,他們?嚴重破壞了公眾的信任,知識的完整性。最后但并非最不重要的是,在專業誠信的學者對青年學生產生了不利的影響,他們遵循的是趨勢,而不是追求創新。 所有相關部門都參與打擊這一臭名昭著的現象,這是必要的。對于有關部門而言,要采取有效措施遏制學術領域的不當行為,鼓勵創新,是一種很高的時期。更重要的是,政府要監督研究人員的工作。只有當每一個社會成員實現了學術上的不誠實帶來的傷害才能結束這可惡的實踐。



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